Barbados Association Of Non Governmental Organisations


To advance the social and economic interests of the masses of the people of Barbados by encouraging and advocating rights-based development and good governance through the recognition of Civil Society Organisations (NGOs) as the agents of civil society and developmental partners, which promote the causes of the most vulnerable citizen of Barbados and negotiate solutions to enhance their lives and usefulness to themselves, the society and the economy.


  • Locate and convene Civil Society Organisations (NGOs)
  • Seek consensus among NGOs
  • Provide public information about NGOs
  • Provide Civil Society statements and positions based on consensus and research
  • Monitor Civil Society Issues nationally, regionally and internationally
  • Mobilise NGOs based on interests
  • Receive and disseminate information; (Top-Down Bottom-Up)
  • Collaborate with local private and public organisations
  • Liaise and assist in developing/establishing CARICOM partners
  • Assist in developing/promoting community interests



  • Breaking down the barriers between Civil Society and the authorities through dialogue, lobbying for and promoting the rights of every member of society in pursuit their life and happiness.
  • Inform Civil Societies and the public of their rights by all methods of communication.
  • Pursue Civil Society's right to participate in self-governance.

Provide services

  • Identify and list NGOs
  • Publish database of NGOs by sectors/interests
  • Facilitate registration of NGOs with relevant Government Departments
  • Internet exposé of NGOs work and activities
  • Technical Assistance to NGOs

Provide Training

  • Improve relations and communications through ICT training, internet TV and Internet Radio; ICTs for NGOs - Training
  • Facilitate capacity building through acquisition of assets and training of NGO Personnel

Communications & Information

  • Keep abreast of Government Departments activities
  • Make a calendar of NGOs activities
  • Keep abreast of and report on regional developments
  • Keep abreast of and report on international developments
  • Develop protocols with state and non-state actors.


  • Survey the impact of developmental programmes
  • Assess the needs of NGOs


  • Pursue acquisition of a building for meetings and to conduct business, that can also serve as offices and support the general activity of Civil Society.

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