Charity Registration

Guide to Registering a Charity in Barbados

You must know and/or have the following:

Date of Establishment
Before an organisation can be registered it must be established. This means that a group of people have come together on a specific date and decided to establish a charity and give it a name. Hence you first need to know the date of establishment and the name.

Specific Objectives
The objectives must be charitable within the meaning of the word as defined in the Charities Act Cap243.

The full name of the Treasurer, home address and occupation.

The full name of the Secretary, home address and occupation.

You must have at least three (3) Trustees. The full names of the Trustees, home addresses and occupations.

The name, qualifications (e.g. chartered accountant) and address of the auditor. You don't need to ask the auditor you choose, as this is a service offered to the public by accountants.

The name, branch and address of the bank you intend to bank with. Like the auditor, you need not ask the bank as banking is a service offered to the public by bankers.

A Constitution
A note about constitutions for charities is that a charity does not have members, it has volunteers. In other words, what you may be tempted to term as members of a charity, call themĀ  volunteers in the document.

Every Constitution must end with the Dissolution Clause as provided by Statute. It must be added as is, without the paragrahps being numbered, etc. but the heading "Dissolution" may be numbered. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Only the Trustees sign the application form. They must also sign the Constitution.

Miscellaneous tips

  1. All signatures must be in black ink otherwise you risk being turned back.
  2. The form must be filled out in type. You can download the form (below) and fill it out using MS Word.
  3. The Application Form and the Constitution must be printed on A4 Paper (Not 8.5" x 11" letter size).
  4. There is no fee to register a charity. However, if you retain a lawyer, cost can be as high as $3,000.00

The Form
Once you have all the above information, download the form and fill it out on your computer. Then print. Remember: A4 Paper.

To View the form click here:

Click to Download the Charity Application Form:

Click to Download the Dissolution Clause:

For Technical Assistance with Registration send an email to BANGO.

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