The Commentator

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The Commentator



As we all look towards change for the betterment of our society in some way or other, there are so many professional, knowledgable and experienced people in our society who seek to share and inform for the good of the general population. The Commentator is an effort to ensure that the voices of these commentators are not lost to the vastness of the internet. It is designed to bring together a number of worthwhlie contributions on a variety of subject matter in one space, not only for the convenience of readers, but to present a line-up of contributions which the general public may not be aware of and from which we can all benefit.

The commentators are selected on the basis of their relevance and the usefulness of the information which they seek to share with the average person. It is a forgone conclusion that we the people know what is best for us and it is imperative that we embrace the intelligence within our society to take us forward. No one person knows it all.

BANGO is therefore pleased to present this exposition of writers and encourages you to read the contributions of some of our finest citizens.

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