Human Rights Advisory Committee

Barbados Human Rights Advisory Committee


On 28th & 29th June 2011, the Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regional two day meeting with human rights stakeholders in the different countries who were reviewed under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the UN Human Rights Commission.

The purpose of the meeting was to follow up on the UPR process and to establish mechanisms for the country's active participation in becoming fully compliant with the principles of the human rights conventions to which they have signed on.

The Barbados delegation agreed that the number one priority was the establishment of a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI), which would include civil society. Government is already in process of expanding the role of the Ombudsman to incorporate the NHRC under that office.

To do this, it was unanimously recommended that there be a Barbados Human Rights Advisory Committee to oversee the establishment of the NHRI. It was further recommended that the members of the committee should be the members of the delegation.

The Delegation and Members of the Advisory Committee are:



Valton Bend

The Ombudsman

William Warner

Bureau of Gender Affairs

Jason Francis

Barbados Youth Development Council

Rochelle Lashley

Commonwealth Secretariat Youth Sub-committee for HR and Democracy

Juliette Maughn

Commonwealth Secretariat Youth Sub-committee for HR and Democracy

Cheryl O. Alleyne

Ministry of Home Affairs

Ras Iral Jabari


Michael Sabazan

Office of the Ombudsman

Cyril Burke

Ministry of Education and Human Resources

Heather Morris

Office of Attorney General

Joan Crawford

Child Care Board

Chauntel Watts-Challenor

Ministry of Labour

Errol Best

National Disabilities Unit

Shelly Bend

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Roosevelt King


Juliette Babb-Riley

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ras Kudos Sage I



The Countries participating were:


These countries all went before the UN Human Rights Committee under the UPR which began in 2008. Grenada was also in attendance.


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Barbados moving towards a National Human Rights Commission

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